Want to go Racing?


NSW Production Touring Cars is a great way to get into motor racing.

The category has been around for many years and several drivers in V8 Supercars, V8 Utes and international motorracing started their careers with us.

The category promotes cost effective and close racing for all competitors, in a family-friendly atmosphere. Our class system and innovative point score system rewards consistency so that any competitor, in any class has the chance to become State Champion.

If you want to race, there are a few things you need to do to get out on the track.

Join the Street Sedan Racing Association of Australia The Street Sedan Racing Association of Australia (SSRAA) is the promoter of the NSW Production Touring Cars category. To be eligible to race in our NSW State and Club Championships, you will need to be a financial member.

As a financial member, the circuit promoters will send you entry forms for race meetings. You will also be entitled to score championship points, be awarded trophies and receive general news and information from the club.

To join the SSRAA, just request a members pack or send us a current year Membership form (see Membership page).

Your Race License

To race with us you will need to have a minimum of a Clubman Circuit licence, as issued by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport(CAMS). This license requires you to:

1 – Be a member of a CAMS affiliated club, such as Street Sedan Racing Association of Australia
2 – Undergo a complete medical examination by a CAMS registered doctor
3 – Attend a CAMS lecture where racing procedures and flag signals are explained
4 – Undergo an observed licence test as organised by CAMS OR undertake a CAMS approved advanced driver training course. Contact CAMS for more details about license requirements.



Your Race Car

If you are planning to build a new car, we strongly recommend you contact one of the committee members before you begin. If your intended car is not on the SSRAA’s Approved Car List, you will need to make a request to the Committee to determine if your car is eligible to race and can be added to the list.

You must also understand all the rules and requirements applicable to your choice of car, whether it be a production car (Group 3E – Series Production Car Regulations) or Saloon car (Group 3K – Saloon Cars), as well as Schedule H of the NSW Championship Sporting Regulations which applies to all cars racing with NSW Production Touring Cars.

All cars are regularly checked at race meetings by the SSRAA, independently of CAMS official scrutineers, for eligibility. Please remember that it is your responsibility to present a legal, safe and eligible car.

You may be asked to present FIA / CAMS sanctioned Homologation papers or Workshop Manuals for your vehicle to confirm any eligibility issues. You can obtain a copy of these documents by contacting CAMS National office, or the manufacturer.
Car Scrutineering In 2007, CAMS introduced a nation-wide system of Targeted Scrutineering.

Under this system, your log book will be checked and logged at each race event. At every fourth event your car will be checked by CAMS official scrutineers, in particular for safety. Please remember that all safety aspects of your race car are your responsibility.

We recommend that you organise a CAMS scrutineer to carry out a pre-race check on your race car before your first race meeting. If your car is a new car or has never undergone a targeted scrutineering check then this will be a requirement. Please contact the State for further information.
Driver Conduct Driver conduct on the track is taken very seriously by the SSRAA. While racing incidents can happen, malicious or aggressive driving styles will not be tolerated.

The SSRAA has a three-strikes-and-you’re-out policy. Any on-track incidents that are found to have been caused by carelessness, malice or aggression by a driver will be reported to the event stewards. Should a driver be found to be responsible for causing three on-track incidents on separate occasions, the driver’s SSRAA membership will be revoked and all circuit promoters will be notified.




Hope to see you out there! NSW Production Touring Cars is one of the most cost effective ways to get into motor racing.

Check out the Race Calendar for our next event, and come on out to see what we are all about. All our members are happy to have a chat, answer any questions and help you to get out on the race track.