Pointscores After Round 6 SMP – Final Results 2017

2017 Class Pointscore Final 20092017

2017 MoComm Cup Pointscore Final 20092017

2017 Outright Club Pointscore Final 20092017

2017 Outright State Pointscore Final 20092017

State championship outrights

1st           Daniel Smith       457 points Class D

2nd          Jimmy Vernon    450 points Class D

3rd          Adam Gosling     433 points Class B2

Club championship outrights

1st           Adam Gosling     503 points Class B2

2nd          Mark Caine         493 points Class A2

3rd          Matthew Holt    486 points Class A2

MoComm Endurance Cup

1st           Mark Caine         269 points Class A2

2nd          Greg Symes         263 points Class A1

3rd          Adam Gosling     248 points Class B2

Class A1

1st           Jacques Oosthuizen         434  points

2nd          Paul Loiacono                   429 points

3rd          Greg Symes                        345 points

Class A2

1st           Mark Caine                        493 points

2nd          Matthew Holt                   486 points

3rd          Rodney Thorpe                 422 points

Class B1

1st           Thomas Muller                  333 points

2nd          Philip Allen                         152 points

Class B2

1st           Adam Gosling                    503 points

2nd          Geoff Kite                           367 points

3rd          Paul Pearson                     262 points

Class C

1st           Stuart Vaughan                 191 points

2nd          Nick Cox                             169 points

Class D

1st           Daniel Smith                      457 points

2nd          Jimmy  Vernon                  450 points

3rd          David Baker                       310 points

Class E

1st           Finley Hills                          204 points

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