Wash your cars and wear a smile!

This weekend Production Touring will be the subject of a Performance Garage production which will be shown through their impressive website. http://www.performancegarage.com.au/

We are very privileged that they chose us to be the subject of this weekend’s activities and you too should have a sense of pride. The way you present yourselves and the manner in which you go about your racing, was a significant factor in catching Daniels’s attention.
Daniel, Chris and crew will be circulating throughout our garages and corporate suite (this week Suite 7 and 8) wanting to speak to you about your experiences. They will also have two in car cameras to share around the grid.  The lads will be wearing our VIP lanyards, so when you see them coming please offer them every courtesy.

The Performance Garage guys will also be our guests of honour at Gus’ breakfast.

Of course, every show has a star and this weekend Tony Virag will be the focus of some of Performance Garage’s attention as they follow Tony for a “Day in the Life ” of a typical Production Touring Car competitor. (Perhaps, they can remind him what time the race starts…)

So, in short this is  a great opportunity, for you, your sponsors and the category. Please ensure you make the most of it.

Please ensure you visit http://www.performancegarage.com.au/ regularly and support those who are supporting us.


Gerry Pres. PTC

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