TAFE Students available for Round 2 @ Wakefield

Those of us who had the assistance of the TAFE students last round, really appreciated the help they provided. They are capable and pleasant guys and girls who can add real value to your team.

They are available for Round 2, but I need to know now.

All you have to do is feed and house them for the weekend. They will get to the track on Friday and home on Sunday. They are in your custody for the duration of the weekend, so it’s just like an extra member of the team.

This initiative will be ongoing throughout the year and when we get to the Enduros, allocation preference will be given to teams who have previously supported the programme.

These kids are great and welcome the opportunity to work and learn from you. Come on…give them a chance.

 If you need or want help for Wakefield, please contact me NOW. Gerry 0419 439 615

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