SSRAA Bulletin – Tyre Testing Results and Control Tyre Agreement

The Street Sedan Racing Association of Australia (SSRAA) Committee embarked on an ambitious project with a very short timeframe to endeavour to save our members racing dollars and to assist in funding the club to ensure continuity and stability.  Through our discussions with our membership, the overwhelming response was the desire to reduce cost of consumable items.  We approached a number of tyre manufacturers to gauge their level of interest to enter into an agreement with SSRAA Production Touring Cars Category (PTCC) to provide a control tyre.

We had a number of expressions of interest, including from our own David Atkin (Kumho were unfortunately unable to fulfil our needs at this time.)

However, Hankook emerged with the most attractive package based on three main pillars of:

  • Tyre performance and suitability
  • Cost to the competitor
  • Benefit to the club

The financials are compelling.

  • The pricing is very keen for our members.  On a Commodore for example there is around a $350 saving per set of tyres.  Across all sizes the price reduction is significant.  These are direct dollar savings which are immediately realised at point of sale.
  • There is also a  rebate of $70 per tyre which will be paid back to SSRAA PTCC by Garry from Garry’s Motorsport Tyres.  The rebate is based on receipted sales and is applicable only to sales through Garry.  That money will ultimately be directed back to the competitor.  It may be that we do a free Presentation Night, free Drive Day, free last round or club apparel, more extensive TV coverage, support for transport to race in faraway places.  There are many opportunities to use the funds to assist our faithful members.  Every cent we make from this rebate will go back to benefiting you, the member.  (We will have some conditions to ensure this system isn’t taken advantage of.)  So, conceivably, you could buy your tyres from elsewhere, but every time you do that it takes revenue from your club.  Income such as this gives us the capacity to positively change the way this club operates and the benefits we can pass on to you, the competitor and your supporters.
  • In addition, Hankook are ceding $10,000 per year to promote our club, our races and you, the drivers.  This is a significant show of faith in not only the driver group and the entertainment you provide, but in the club as a whole.  We can do great things with this extra support.  It also gives welcome respite to our faithful long term supporters who we turn to all too often and thank you to them for their generosity .


As most of you are aware we conducted an extensive, independent and professional assessment of these tyres on Friday 6 December at Sydney Motorsport Park.  An Executive Summary of that report is attached (below) for your perusal.  The test pilots were Tony Virag and Steve Hodges, who were instructed to follow a strict regime so appropriate data could be gathered.  The data and feedback would deem that test as a success.  Track temperatures of 35°C+ were exactly the hostile conditions we were hoping for and the feedback from the drivers was very positive.  From Steve: “No tyre would look any better after 28 laps” and included in his sessions was a directive to “go out there and hurt those tyres”!  The drivers were doing great race pace laps in the 1.46’s in the first and last sessions.  Tony was similarly impressed and said he would run these tyres even if they weren’t a control tyre.

131206 Tyre Test PTC Summary

So, all this leads us to the point where we are pleased to announce a three year deal with Hankook for the provision of a control tyre for PTCC.  At the Annual General Meeting, a tyre limit was not supported so that will not be a factor for 2014 season.

We will proudly display Hankook signage on all our material and media and there are patches for race suits, caps and shirts to come.

I’d like to thank the following people for their assistance: Tony Virag, Steve Hodges, the tireless committee (I promise no more this year) , Dejan and Sam from Envirage, Dean and William from Hankook and Garry and Peter from Garry’s Tyres.  Also, Graeme Shaw, Gavin Clarke and Robert Coulthard who came to witness the process.

As it seems the face of Production Touring Car Racing is changing, PTCC will become the essence of what it means to race a true production car.  We are fiercely Production biased in current 3E Regulations, grass roots, wonderfully amateur and club/family orientated.  Our club will continue to provide a stable, competitive and cost effective environment to race your current Production Cars for years to come.

I’m excited by the prospects for this club and look forward to a fantastic 2014.


Gerry Murphy


We’re for the Driver….

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