SSRAA Bulletin: Season 2014

This year promises to be our biggest yet.  We are seeing a lot of new cars, great new competitors, new sponsors and an intense desire to win our 3 Championships which are on offer in Production Touring Cars.

The Events:

This year’s Enduro Champion will have to display a high level of competency and teamwork over one hour races at the famed Bathurst, Wakefield Park and Eastern Creek circuits.

For the Bathurst Classic we have a full grid of 55 ‘3E’ Production Cars for what we believe is the biggest field of Proddy cars ever to race at Bathurst.  This race will be the subject of a major DGB Media production which will be Daniel’s biggest undertaking to date.

Also new to PTC’s  Enduro Championship is the added complexity of a two (2) hour Endurance race with a compulsory driver change and fuel stop at our beloved Wakefield Park track.  This should be a great event with some high profile co-drivers already agreeing to participate in this, the longest race we have ever run.

By the way, our Enduro Champion will proudly wear the Number ‘2’ this year to indicate he is the PTC Ironman.  This number will be handed to next year’s Endurance King at season end.

The sprint series will provide a completely new set of challenges to drivers and teams with shorter, sharper events at Eastern Creek and Wakefield Park.  This mix of sprints and long distance races will provide a true measure of a worthy Champion in PTC. The Club Champion will be the master of all the disciplines and will need to outperform what I am predicting to be record breaking fields.


In a major cost reduction initiative, we have this year welcomed on-board Hankook Tyres.  Supplied by the good folk at Garry ’s Tyres, this deal has saved every competitor racing dollars.  You must ensure you purchase your tyres from Garry, as every dollar spent on your Hankooks will generate a rebate to the club.  It is important to remember that every dollar the club makes, goes back to you, the competitor.  Remember to produce your SSRAA Club Membership Card when purchasing tyres to obtain the club discount and the club gets a rebate.  Control tyre is Hankook Z221.

Similarly, our association with BSM Motorsport will bring about savings for you on brakes, apparel and a wide range motorsport consumables.  Something you might want to brag about is that BSM are supplying HRT, Kelly Racing and us.  We are in exalted company.


Most of our sponsors have renewed their support with us and we have managed to secure new backing.  All stickers will be supplied for fitment to your cars, please wear them proudly.  Also, ensure you use our sponsors whenever you can.  If we show them the value of being in the PTC family, they will continue to look after us.

Thank you to our fantastic supporters for believing in our club.


We are very pleased to advise DGB Media is again providing TV coverage.  Daniel has invested in some sophisticated new equipment and we are working on some exciting new formats.  Our TV following is extremely strong (average of 45,000 per episode) and we are set to add Queensland to the stable of stations who are showing our product.

Consistent Regulations:

You can buy or build your race car with confidence in the consistent application of our regulations.  Our underpinning strategy is sustainable, cost effective racing.  Keeping our rules consistent and in line with CAMS 3E Regulations assists us in providing that for you. Any major rule changes are investigated and voted on by you, the club member.

The rules under which we race are providing exciting, close racing and are being supported at a club level as evidenced by the new teams and cars entering our series.


While we are reducing the amount you spend on tyres, brakes, oil, apparel and consumables, we are also not increasing any of the club or entry costs.  The average entry cost is about $350.00 and club membership is $100.00.  The rest of your budget can go into your racing!

For this small cost you get sprint rounds, enduros, TV, magazine coverage, purchasing deals, great club atmosphere and the chance to win one (or more) of three (3) Championships from any class.  First past the post does not carry any more weight than a class win.

We’re for the Driver….

Gerry Murphy


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