SSRAA Bulletin: BSMsport Club Incentive

Following in the vein of the Hankook tyre deal, we are pleased to announce another cost saving initiative, this time from within our own ranks.

Azim Sahu-Kahn is the Special Projects Manager for BSMSport, a motorsport supply company and the pilot of a very quick PTC Honda Integra.

Azim has put together a fantastic deal which benefits the competitor in terms of a cost reduction, service and support.  The club benefits in terms of sponsorship and rebates based on volume of sales.

This offer is indicative of the way this driving group and our wider organisation is viewed in the motorsport community.  It is good to keep in mind that all our sponsors could put their money into any category (or none at all) but they choose you.

2014 BSMsport Flyer

It is imperative that we in turn support them to the fullest extent.  This deal gives you back dollars in your pocket at the point of sale.

We agreed at our Annual General Meeting to install BSMSport as our preferred supplier for the 2014 season.  Assuming that this venture be mutually beneficial over the course of the 2014 season, we would be looking to further formalise this relationship into 2015 and beyond.

So buy your brakes, apparel and race supplies from a company who believes in you and supports us in a tangible way.

BSMSport and PTC,

We’re for the Driver….

Azim Sahu-Kham Mb: 0416 071 911


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