A reminder that fuel testing will commence at Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend Round 2.  You should have all fitted the fuel dry break fitting.  I could smell that one competitor wasn’t using 98 Octane at Bathurst.  For those who are yet to install the fitting:

The approved dry break fuel sampling coupling is the Goodridge G-Link quick disconnect coupling (Part number, GQD08PP06F), which can be purchased from Competition Friction Ph: 02 6226 8877.

The coupling should be fitted to your flexible fuel pressure line as close to the fuel rail as possible.  The coupling needs to be accessible when the car is in Parc Ferme and so if the fuel hose is in a difficult to get to location, then either extend the fuel hose in a loop or put an extension hose on the coupling to make it accessible.  The coupling has a -6 male fitting and you can get appropriate tee pieces etc to fit from Competition Friction or places like Motorsport Connections or Earls.


The 3E rules are silent on sway bars so the standard sway bars are to remain installed.  You can upgrade the sway bar bushes, but the standard sway bars are to remain fitted.  Whether they are connected is up to the competitor.  Also painting aftermarket bars “matt black” will not disguise the thickness of the bars.  Sway bars will be checked when cars are inspected.


An audit was conducted on seals at Bathurst and a number of cars were not sealed.  All engines are to be sealed, and we need to see all engines sealed by Wakefield Park Round 3 (20/21 June).  Those requiring temporary seals please see Jim Pollicina or Brian Anderson at SMSP.  If your engine has been rebuilt then is should have a permanent seal.


There was some confusion at Bathurst over what is or isn’t checked for the 100mm ride height.  The rules state:

“RIDE HEIGHT: Each fully sprung part of the automobile must be at least 100mm above the ground when measured at any point within the wheelbase. The automobile ride height will be measured without the driver.”

So anything in front of the front wheels or behind the rear wheels is not measured.  ANY item that is below 100mm between the centreline of the wheels will be illegal, regardless of the material.  If it is obvious that some item has come loose and is hanging down then some leniency may be given.  Note that the driver should not be in the car.  The scrutineers will be told to measure cars as they come off the track with the driver still in the car.  If it clears the car can then be driven away.  If it fails the car will be kept in Parc Ferme and the driver asked to get out of the car and the car will be re-measured.


Brian Anderson

Technical Manager

NSW Production Touring Cars Category


M:          0414 499 961

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