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Your technical team for 2015 is Brian Anderson, Gerry Burges and Jim Pollicina. We will be sending out emails throughout the year to advise on technical issues. This is the first for 2015.



You must run Pump fuel for 2015 as per the CAMS schedule G, in most cases this means 98 Octane fuel from your favourite servo, or at Bathurst from Race fuels. Make sure you get your supply request for Bathurst in before 27 March.

Fuel testing is also new for 2015, you need to fit a fuel testing connection in your fuel lines. Schedule H contains the details but included here for those who haven’t read the rules YET. The approved dry break fuel sampling coupling is the Goodridge G-Link quick disconnect coupling (Part number, GQD08PP06F), which can be purchased from Competition Friction 02 6226 8877. The coupling should be fitted to your flexible fuel pressure line as close to the fuel rail as possible. The coupling needs to be accessible when the car is in Parc Ferme and so if the fuel hose is in a difficult to get to location, then either extend the fuel hose in a loop or put an extension hose on the coupling to make it accessible. The coupling has a -6 male fitting and you can get appropriate tee pieces etc to fit from Competition Friction or places like Motorsport Connections or Earls. If you have concerns regarding where to fit the connector please contact Brian or Jim.


Roll Cages for Bathurst

We have clarified that “State Level” roll cages are acceptable at Bathurst. In 2013 the CAMS manual changed to have two level of roll cages, a State Level cage and you need to add extra bars for a National Level cage. From 2014 new vehicle logbooks have been annotated with restrictions if you have a state level cage restricting you to state level events. For NSW production touring a state level cage is an acceptable standard and this has been confirmed for Bathurst.



HANS Devices are now compulsory

From 2015 HANS devices are now compulsory and will be checked during during scrutineering.



Boost Control

An issue has come to our attention recently that some turbo charged competitors have non standard solenoids for boost control. The solenoid should be the standard factory item. Please check that yours are standard. Also we have found some examples where a hand operated boost control was fitted within the cockpit. Any boost control adjustment must not be fitted in the cockpit.



Car Check Procedure

We have defined the process to be followed when doing an eligibility check of a vehicle at an event. See the attached flow chart. We will be following this procedure and randomly checking vehicles at events. So you can all expect to be placed in Parc Ferme at some time. This may involve removing parts for inspection. Some examples of performance issues are: Exceeding standard boost, incorrect cams, non legal engine modifications, non standard induction components, illegal brake modifications.

Now everyone who gets caught with an issue does the “what about Whatsit, his car is illegal why aren’t you checking him” well the answer is: its not about Whatsit its about YOUR car having an issue and what YOU need to do to either prove we were mistaken or fix it. The onus is on the competitor to ensure his car meets the rules and check with Brian or Jim if you require clarification. The owner also needs to prove it is correct, it is not our job to prove it is incorrect, so make sure you bring along any documentation you require. We will get around to Whatsit’s car in due course and thank you for pointing out that Whatsit may have a problem.




On the subject of documentation please ensure you have a copy of the RVD for your car. You can get access to your RVD on the following websites:



Looking forward to seeing you all in 2015.




Brian Anderson

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