Loud, fast and fun….NSW Production Touring Cars

Big fields take to the Eastern Creek track in Round 1 of the Shaw Vineyard’s CAMS championship.

29 cars will take to the track in Round 1 of the NSW CAMS State Title at Eastern Creek on this coming weekend.

“The members have strongly supported this race and this series and we couldn’t be happier with the fields in all classes” said President Gerry Murphy. “We know times are tough, so to achieve a grid of this size and quality of cars and drivers is very pleasing. The committee has worked very hard with our sponsors and members in the off season to bring more track time and more benefits. Our faithful sponsors have added some great incentives for competitors to compete in all rounds this year and we are off to a great start. ”

“Our membership is growing and they are actively involved in determining the direction the club is taking. For a $90 annual fee, members get access to all the infrastructure we have built to support the CAMS and Club championships. The only other fee you pay is normal entry of around $300 to the track.” Gerry said.

The appointment of a very experienced Technical Manager in Stuart Haywood, has been warmly welcomed by members. Stuart will bring stability to process and compliance. This will assist competitors in being confident that we are protecting the investment in their cars through prudent regulation and enforcement.

The members will enjoy at Eastern Creek:

· A corporate suite for themselves, guests and teams, (suite 10 allocated),
· Be in the draw for a free entry to next round,
· Be eligible for the Pro Duct Competitor of the Year Award, of a fully installed air conditioner to the value of $3,500,
· Complimentary morning tea,
· Approximately 90 minutes of track time.

Come on down, say hello and find out what it takes to be a Proddy!

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