Forklogic give Production Touring a big lift!

We are thrilled to announce that Production Touring Competitor, Paul Loiacono is bringing his company, Forklogic,  to the table of sponsors for the remainder of the 2012 season.

Forklogic is well known to Prod Touring through it’s support of Paul and we are honored to have them now as a category sponsor.

Paul said, “We just want to be involved and support the club. Prod Touring is a great category, it’s heading in the right direction and we can see opportunities for growth and promotion.”

Club President Gerry Murphy, welcomed Forklogic to the suite of sponsors and pointed out that yet again, the club has received support from within its own ranks. “With support from our own competitors, we are building a stable base from which to grow the category. Our underlying strategic principle of providing an environment of sustainable, cost effective, well managed racing is obviously paying dividends.”

Forklogic will sponsor the role of Category  Technical and Compliance Manager. This role, performed by Stuart Haywood, has been a huge success with his collaborative approach being welcomed by competitors. Competitors can build cars with confidence in Prod Touring, they know the regulations are consistent, stable and  will be monitored in an intelligent manner.

We thank Forklogic and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Production Touring… hot, fast and fun.

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