Flag Marshal Volunteers Needed for Bathurst Weekend


We are still requiring the valuable services of Flag Marshals for Bathurst.  You have a choice of either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Nobody can race if we don’t have the services of these volunteers willing to give up some of their time to assist.  Training is provided for anybody who has never flagged before or have no idea what the different colours are.  Your partner, friends or pitcrew are more than welcome.  They will be placed with fully Accredited Officials.  Nobody is left by themselves.

There is always a goodie bag provided by the promoters and PTC will augment that with our own range of gifts for anyone who can assist.

If anybody in your entourage can be spared for a day, that would be great.  They may even give you some driving tips of how to apex better.


Send me an email for the paperwork.


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