Extraordinary Auction Item for Round Three

Hi all,

We have a very special auction item to help celebrate Round 3 of the CAMS Production Touring Cars Championship.

This prize is a very significant opportunity to experience 2 championship and race winning  cars with a championship winning team.

This auction is strictly open to club members only.

Such and important prize carries an undisclosed  reserve and all proceeds go to funding the club’s activities.

Get your bids in, do yourself a favour and help the club in the process.

Auction Item:

Bob Pearson is very attached to his number 33. Unfortunately, a perfectly good No1 has been left forlornly sitting in a cupboard. As every category needs a No 1, with Bob’s gracious acquiescence, we have decided to offer this prestigious number to the club members.

The Prize:

No 1 plate for the remainder of the 2012 season.

·         Great photo opportunity for sponsors and promotion

·         Your know car will look faster and cooler with a No 1 stuck on the door.

Do a promotional material special run with a No 1 on your car. Your sponsors will be thrilled with the exposure.

·         Your family think you are No 1 already, so why not show it ?

But wait there’s more. This is the extraordinary bonus for the winning bidder:

Pro Duct Racing will provide, at Round Three at Eastern Creek, with full team support:

o   One practice session in Bob’s race winning Evo 10!

o   And …one practice session in the race winning Pro Duct Evo 9!

See for yourself what makes these cars and this team  special. Experience the full Pro Duct treatment for two sessions on  Friday 8th in the fastest production cars in the country.

So you get your No1 plate to use for the rest of 2012  and you get to drive Pro Duct’s flagship cars.

What’s it worth ? Heaps !

I want that ! How do I win?:

All bids are to be forwarded by email to Mocomm@optusnet.com.au . The bidding will close 4 June 2012.

From time to time I will release an email revealing the amount of the highest bid and if the reserve has been met.

Any questions, please refer to Gerry Murphy 0419 439 615

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