Endurance racing is here!

Endurance Racing is here:

I hope you are all ready for the first of 4 Enduros at Wakefield Park. If not, get your entries in now!!

These races will be the best value track time available anywhere.  Driver and co-driver sessions, sprints and a 1 hour, all for the cost of a normal state round.

We will have our usual get together, door prizes and auctions.  So, keep your chances alive for the Pro Duct Competitor Award  and make sure you enter.

Bring your cheque book:

Jim Pollicina has donated hot laps in his V8 Supercar to be taken on our Dec 4th Presentation/ Family Day at SMP. Tony Virag bought this item last year and he rates it very highly.  I have had a couple of laps with Jim and it is an absolute blast, definitely something you should experience. So bring your cheque book and buy a ride with Poll!

TAFE Students:

Can you please advise who would like the assistance of a TAFE student for this round.  These people are very capable and will be able to provide a real benefit to your team.

As usual you will need to provide a roof over their heads and food.

Please let me know by return email.


Gerry Murphy



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