ARDC Elections – NSWPTC Members Running for Board Election

Below are messages from Chris Reeves & Terry Conroy who are running for a place on the ARDC Board.  We need to actively support people like Chris and Terry (who are seeking re-election) in their quest to have a voice in the running of Eastern Creek.

Both are fellow club members who have a good grasp on the realities of competing at our level.  They are also approachable and accessible.  So if you are a member of the ARDC, please use your vote wisely and consider Chris and Terry.

Gerry Murphy

SSRAA – President

I am a fellow racer in a HSV Production Car #3 and I would like the opportunity to represent all members but in particular – Racing Drivers who feel that they don’t have a voice.

In the past two years the ARDC has been going in a good direction but we can do more for our Racing members.  I would like to focus on competitive value as well as membership value. I would like to look at race drive time, event security, parking and access, which are the most common gripes on race day.

I will always welcome member discussion on issues and your suggestions to fix those issues. Look for me on the Ballot paper…

Thanks for your consideration.

Chris Reeves

My involvement in Motorsport has spanned the past fifty years, and I have watched it grow from backyard specials to today’s highly technical race cars.

In that time Production Car racing has been the starting point for many of Australia’s top Racing Drivers, but has been through tough times due being over shadowed by higher profile Classes which has pushed it into the background.

Ten years ago Sam Rigoli and myself sat down and created Combined Touring Cars with an emphasis on 3E Production Vehicles, which is now Production Touring, and has matured into the largest State based dedicated Production Car Championship in Australia, even overshadowing the National Championship.

During my first term on the ARDC Board I proposed that we promote an Endurance Race for Production Cars at the end of each year to cater for the loss of the Bathurst 12 Hour, and in that time we have alternated as either an 8 or 6 Hour event which means that Eastern Creek Raceway provides six meetings a year for 3E Production Cars.

Our Class is not the only one that competes at the Creek and as a member of the Board I have to be part of a team that covers all aspects of the Sport including making decisions relating to the $9000 000 upgrade that will make the Creek the best Motorsport Facility in Australia.

As a Street Sedan Racing Association and an ARDC Club and Board member I will continue to emphasise the importance of Production Car Racing and act in the best interest as a representative for both organisations on the Board of the ARDC.

Terry Conroy

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