Amended 2012 Appendices now added

Hi All,

The amended 2012 Appendices have been added to this website.  

Following from the first round Stuart Haywood and I realised there were some loopholes in the 2012 Appendices regarding the use of the new MSE turbo boost monitoring devices.  I have conferred with Mike Barry and after discussions with CAMS the following are the amendments:

H1 Eligibility  – (i)  These words have been changed to make it clear who receives the penalty.

H1 Eligibility (ix) Forced Induction Cars – The new clauses will be (d), (e) & (f).  A quick explanation of the clauses are the following –

  • Clause (d) gives Stuart or the Chief Scrutineer the authority that the MSE units must be fitted in accordance with their instructions.  This will safeguard that competitors fit the MSE units correctly.
  • Clause (e) Should any car be found to be running over the maximum boost allowable for that vehicle or not recording any data, it now gives the penalty for what happens in this instance.
  • Clause (f) The Chief Scrutineer or Eligibility Officer’s decision is final and shall not be subject to any protest or appeal.

This will make Stuart’s job a lot easier as all competitors will know that if they present a car without a MSE unit recording data or over-boosting they have already been informed of the penalties to be imposed.



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