2013 End of Season Celebration, Wakefield Park – 2nd December 2013


The day is fast approaching where you can thank your family, friends, crew and sponsors with a full day of passenger laps at Wakefield Park.  I am looking forward to the day and fingers are crossed for fine weather.

I know some of you have already responded but we need accurate numbers to make the event enjoyable.  I have attached a form requesting numbers of race cars/road cars and guests/passengers so as to make the day flow smoothly with track time and eating time.


  • Track gates will open at 7.00am (ish)
  • Administration office will open at 8.00am
  • Track will open at 9.00am and close at 5.00pm
  • Cost will be confirmed when we have final numbers.
  • The day will be managed by Josh from Wakefield Park.
  • CAMS/AASA licence is required and must be presented before you take to the track.  For driving guests without a licence, a Club Level AASA licence can be purchased for $50 for 12 months from Wakefield Park Administration.
  • All passengers must sign in and receive a blue wrist band before going on the track.
  • All drivers must sign in before taking to the track.
  • Road cars will be given their own sessions and are allowed to take passengers.
  • We will keep the structure loose dependant on the demand for road cars.  We will insert a session when required.
  • It will be an open pit lane all day.
  • There will be a gourmet BBQ lunch provided by Shaw Vineyards but in order to support Wakefield Park, I request that you purchase your drinks and snacks from the canteen.
  • Safety will be paramount, drivers deemed to be putting their passengers or others at risk, will be sin binned immediately.

This will be a relaxed day of celebration of a record breaking year for Production Touring.  We are aiming for many, many smiles per gallon and I look forward to seeing you and your friends at the track. (I’ll be after some passenger rides too!)

Gerry Murphy

Prod Touring…We’re for the Driver….

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