RACE REPORT – 2018 Round 3, Wakefield Park

NSW 2018 Motor Race Championship – Round 3

NSW Production Touring
Wakefield Park Raceway 26th & 27th of May 2018



Picture perfect conditions greeted the 22 strong field for NSW State round at Wakefield Park. The temperature was cool but not uncomfortable, quite unlike Goulburn during this time of the year. The cars came out to qualify and wasted no time in setting great lap time, Clay Skinner in his Evo 10 was the bench mark claiming pole on just his forth tour of the circuit. Beside the pole man was Tony Virag in his HSV GTS. The second row consisted of Darren Herbert in the older Evo and Matthew Holt in and other HSV car. The third row comprised of Stephen Thompson Evo 10 and Mark Caine HSV Clubsport.  Three Evo’s and three Holden V8 in the top six.

The cars came out for the warm up lap of the first race and Jack Winter who had qualified 10th went back in the pits while the cars gridded up, he would re-join the race albeit two laps down 

(only to DNF). Skinner and Virag both made a great start with Holt and Herbert in pursuit.  As the race evolved the two leaders built a small gap, Caine (running in 5th) was putting a lot of pressure on Herbert.  Brad Schumacher was trying to hold onto the leaders when he went to wide at turn 9 and found himself in the dusty outfield, he used his 4WD advantage to come back onto the track with little lost time. Harrison Gray, David Baker and Zach Loscialpo were having a Class D battle for the ages with the trio swapping positions multiple times and putting on a thrilling show for the crowd. Gray eventually finished on top with the 3 drivers covered by 1.4 seconds at the line.



Caine made a good move on Herbert also at turn 9 and claimed 4th position.  A few drivers where leaving the braking very late at the end of the straight, Schumacher again went off coming in too hot as the car approached turn 1and 2 resulting in another tour in the outfield. The most spectacular one was David Baker in the Honda Integra; he arrived at turn 1 sideways, somehow the car flicked the opposite way and he 4 way drifted at high speed around turn 2. Skinner held his nerve from Virag to claim the win, third place fell to Holt.

Race 2 was held Sunday morning in cooler conditions, the  field made a clean start and Skinner lead the way from Caine, Holt and Thompson. Skinner’s short live lead would end just one lap later with his car expiring giving the lead to Caine. Charlie Viola in the beautifully presented Honda Integra pushed the limits of the car and eventually spun at the top of the hill, once the dust had settled around him he was able to re-join the race towards the back of the field.

 A safety car intervention (for just one lap) compressed the field, at the restart Caine was dominant and was never headed to claim the race win from Holt and   Herbert. The result of the race would be only preliminary with 5 cars receiving penalty’s and exclusions of the race including Caine the race winner. The official final result was Holt 1st, Herbert 2nd and Schumacher 3rd.

With the grid jumbled up race 3 would be an interesting race. Hold was able to make a great getaway and was closely followed by Schumacher, unfortunately the latter went wide at turn 9 with his car stopping just after one lap. This would bring out the safety car and undoing the small lead Holt had built up. At the restart Herbert pounced and got past Holt on the way to the top of the hill.

By mid-race distance the order was Herbert, Holt, Adam Gosling, Thompson and a hard charging Virag. Jack Winter was just behind this group and as he arrived at turn 2 on the 9th lap he left his

 braking too late punting the rear end of the unfortunate Gosling who was 3rd at the time. Gosling was left facing in the wrong way on the outfield at turn 2 and unfortunately relegated him to 20th  position, Winter receive a penalty for his mistake. Up front Holt was putting plenty of pressure on Herbert and eventually went past him to claim the win in the trophy race, Herbert finished 2nd while Thompson arrived home 3rd. Great racing by all involved.



Race 1

1)   32  Clay Skinner                           Anderson’s Scaffolding                  Mitsubishi Evo X    

2)   41  Tony Virag                              Royalty wraps and graphics          HSV VF GTS          

3)   65  Matthew Holt                          Cavanagh Electrics                       HSV Clubsport        


Race 2

1)   65  Matthew Holt                        Cavanagh Electrics                           HSV Clubsport       

2)    840  Darren Herbert                   Herbert Racing                                 Mitsubishi Evo 5

3)  55  Brad Schumacher                                                                           Subaru STi V4      


Race 3

1)   65  Matthew Holt                       Cavanagh Electrics                          HSV Clubsport       

2)   840  Darren Herbert                  Herbert Racing                                 Mitsubishi Evo 5

3)   92  Stephen Thompson             Allworth Homes                               Mitsubishi Evolution

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