NSWPTC 2019 State Championship Calendar Released


Sorry for the delay but we were not able to announce our Calendar for next year any earlier due to one of the meetings we will be attending having an embargo on any announcement until this week.

As usual we have 2 rounds at Wakefield park and 3 rounds at Sydney Motorsport Park, with one at each being an Enduro.

Also, we have been invited back to the Muscle Car Masters which has been moved back to its historical weekend of Father’s Day. This should be a fantastic event with Touring Car masters, Australian Trans Am, Historic Touring cars, Kumho V8 Touring cars, to name a few should ensure large numbers of spectators and great exposure for our club.

The format will be sprint races with at least one race held under lights.


It’s taken some careful and very quiet negotiations to lock in this event so again apologies for the delay.

Dates listed are the State Championship rounds. We have some options for some club races towards the end of the year if there is interest that will be discussed shortly.


Round 1

February 23/24 – Wakefield Park – Sprint Races

Round 2

April 6/7 – Sydney Motorsport Park – Sprint Races

Round 3

May 25/26 – Wakefield Park – Enduro -25th Anniversary meeting

Round 4

June 22/23 – Sydney Motorsport Park – Enduro

Round 5

August 3/4 – S Sydney Motorsport Park – Sprint Races

Round 6

August 30 / Sept 1 – Muscle Car Masters SMP – Sprint Races



NSWPTC Committee

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