Capacity grid for next enduro race at Wakefield Park

Reminder to all that entries are closing this Friday 24 June 2016 for our first enduro race at Wakefield Park.Β  Entries are online only and for people wanting to add a co-driver, they do it by adding in the second driver as a member of their pit crew.

Currently we have 37 entries and Wakefield/CAMS have increased our grid to 42 cars. Β So if you think you missed out, we have space available.

Adam Gosling

Adam Proctor

Anthony Soole

Blake Aubin

Brett McFarland

Chris Reeves

Daniel Byron

Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Oosthuizen

David Baker

David Bailey

Dean Potts

Dylan Thomas

Geoffrey Kite

Graeme Heath

Greg Symes

Jacob Andrews

Jacques Oosthuizen

Jim pollicina

Jimmy Vernon

Jonathon Fishburn

Kevin Herben

Kyle Austin

Kyle Aubin

Mark Caine

Matthew Holt

Matthew Shylan

Nicholas Cox

Nigel Williams

Paul Loiacono

Peter Lown

Robert Coulthard

Rodney Stait

Stephen Thompson

Tony Virag

Trevor Symonds

Zac Raddatz

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