2013 Series Drivers

Some information about our 2013 series drivers

Gerry Murphy

Driver Gerry Murphy

Car # 1 (Finally)!

Make of Car – Mitsubishi Evo

Why did you choose this – Because Jim Pollicina likes them
Sponsors or are you using your kids inheritance – Leona Murphy Venture Capital
Who prepares your car – Poll Performance
Who’s who in your zoo/crew – It varies but Sav (good to have you back !), Angus Houso (when he’s not tearing up the track himself), Little John and a bunch of others who ensure we are safe and fast.
Team name – Team…. wish I had a good name…… Racing
When & how did you start racing – I bought a mates go kart after a social day in 2001
Favourite saying – “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value”
Married/Single or its complicated – Happily Married
Partners Name – Leona
How many kids, ages – Jed (co-driver) 9
Name something you should stop doing – Spending money on cars
If any driver could give you tips, who would you listen to – Gus Barbara, he is a legend. (He told me that so it must be true)
Do you karaoke – I’m too old to be up late
What are you lost without – Family and Ipad
What goes thru your mind sitting in car before race – I still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be doing this sport and to do it with great bunch of guys.  I often reflect on how fortunate I am.
Who do you want to beat this year – Everyone, I’m not prejudiced
What unique award do you think could be introduced into category – The winner of the weird facial hair award for 2013 is…… take you pick in our class
Who would you most like to have a drink with either dead or alive – My dad
If you could race any car and at any track what would it be – A Porsche cup car or V8 Supercar
What song best describes your life – Born to run
What would you buy with your last $50 – One apple from Gus’s fruit shop
You like to hang out with people who—-? – are Proddy people
What can’t you say no to – Espresso
What’s # 1 on your bucket list – I have been very lucky and dont have many things I burn to do. Remaining healthy and spending time with my family will do just fine.
If a chronic liar tells you he is lying do you believe him – Yes and No