Bathurst 6 Hour 2016 Information

13 October 2015 Update

16 b6hr Information Brief V9

31 August 2015 Update

All correspondence and information will be forwarded to you once you have completed the attached Expression of Interest form and returned to Michele at  (submit button on the form).  If you have already completed an EOI form you do not need to complete another. Also attached is the Event Information Pack and Vehicle Eligibility.  Please read through carefully.  Any questions you have please contact Michele.

2016 Bathurst Expression of Interest form



Timeline of Events

Late Jul 2015      Expressions of Interest accepted

Early Aug 2015   Event Supplementary Regulations approved by CAMS

07 Sep 2015        Entries open

30 Oct 2015       Early Bird Entries close

19 Feb 2016        Entries close

21 Mar 2016       Circuit open to receive international freight

23 Mar 2016       Park up and meeting registration

24 Mar 2016       Scrutineering

25 Mar 2016       Practice

26 Mar 2016       Qualifying

27 Mar 2016       12:00pm green flag, commence 6 Hour Race

9 June 2015 Update

Production Car racing is undergoing a major revival in Australian Motorsport and it’s due largely to the competitors in the NSW Production Touring Car Championship. This category, with a proud 40 year history, has been growing at a rapid rate over the past 5 years, with members from all over Australia. Big fields, great formats, cost effective racing and strong sponsor support have all contributed to the success of this category.
In perhaps the ultimate recognition, Production Touring Cars have been invited to participate in a 6 Hour Enduro event at the Easter Festival at Bathurst in 2016.
This event is viable due to the strength and competency of this category.
We are still going through the regulations but they will be largely the same as our current rules under the auspices of CAMS 3 E.
We will be doing all we can to assist our members not only to start this event but to finish it as well. We will be announcing special deals, technical advice and test days, all with a 6 hour focus.
Keep tuned to the website and our Facebook page for the latest details.
If you want a co drive or need another driver, contact us and we will put you in contact with interested parties.
This will be a history making event. Join our club and enjoy the benefits of a friendly and supportive atmosphere to assist you in competing in this great race.
Stay tuned for details.

Gerry Murphy
“We’re for the driver….”
Gerry Murphy 0419 439 615

Register your interest now, email:

20 May 2015 news bulletin

Dear competitors,

The 6 Hour Enduro at Mount Panorama in 2016 has been officially launched and we have been given some guaranteed spots on the grid.

This opportunity has been afforded to us due to your commitment to supporting your club, our wonderful sponsors and your passion for true Production Car competition.  The manner in which you have enabled the sustainable growth of Production Touring is commendable and this opportunity is just reward.

Where we are at present:

We are involved in detailed discussions on all aspects of the event and we are pleased with the progress to date.  The technical regulations are being defined by the appointed Technical Manager, our own Brian Anderson.  We should be able to release details shortly.


There is likely to be an early bird entry cost reduction for the event but if you budget for around $5k to $6k, you should be on safe ground. We are negotiating now with our sponsors for special deals on components and consumables for the event.  We will soon be able to announce special deals on items such as brake rotors, pads, oils, fuel cells for those who want to upgrade, cool suits, radios and anything else we can think of.  We are also talking to CXC Global Racing, V-Sport, RaceBred, Pollicina to secure club deals on carrying out any work to get your car ready for the event.  We are exploring every avenue to mitigate the ultimate cost of this event so we can ensure a large PTC presence.

Co Drivers:

We have had a lot of interest from drivers, including some from O/S, who want to compete in this event.  Your PTC car will provide you with opportunity to sell a seat or two to reduce your costs.  We will be posting on the club’s website and Facebook asking for interested co drivers to make contact with us.  Similarly, please let us know if you are looking to fill your seat.

Making your car last 6 hours:

We will disseminate information as we get it to assist you in preparing your car.  For example, if someone discovers that a component needs to be changed to cope with 6 hours or a better refuelling solution is available, we will let you know.  Our goal is to have a strong club presence and finishing rate across all classes.  If we share our information, we will all benefit.


At the moment the event will be live streamed and broadcast on the worldwide Foxtel network.

This event harks back to the halcyon days of Production Car racing but it has been borne by the success of your efforts in the past two to three years.  We want as many PTC competitors to be participating as possible and the club and sponsors will do all we can to assist you.  The major benefit of being involved in a non-profit club like ours, is that we can channel funds and resources back to those who generated it in the first place.

Please begin a dialogue and let us know your intentions.  Also, let us know if you need a co-driver so we can pair you with those seeking and let us know if you need help in any way.

Gerry Murphy

President, Production Touring Cars.

We’re for the driver